Surgical Animations

The ONLY True, Anatomically Accurate Medical Surgical Animations

Multus Medical uses patented 3D MRI Rendering software to create patient-specific Surgical Animations at a fraction of the cost of other providers. These animations provide a detailed visual simulation of complex surgical techniques that aid surgeons in planning for potential challenges and enhancing surgical outcomes. These animations can also be used in cases involving medical malpractice or personal injury, making it easier for attorneys to strengthen their claims and improve the chances of a successful outcome.

We can reconstruct any surgery using a patient's MRI data or X-rays and CT scans, if MRI data is unavailable, and surgical reports. We deliver an accurate medical surgical animation of the patient's actual spine, knee, or shoulder within a few weeks.

Services Available

  • Helps patients understand their pain management options
  • Helps physicians visualize the anatomy of the procedure
  • Can be used as evidence in medical cases or personal injury settlements
  • Helps visualize the surgical procedure and identify potential challenges
  • Provides a clear and accurate representation of the surgical process to strengthen the case

  • Simplifies complex surgical procedures through animations to enhance understanding of injuries or damages in legal cases

  • Can be used for surgical planning and as a reference during the procedure for better outcomes
  • Can be used as a tool to communicate with patients about the procedure
  • Aids the surgeons in planning and executing the procedure
  • Can be used for training, surgical planning, and personal injury settlements

How to Order

Multus Medical can create medical surgical animations for any type of surgery. To get started, just complete the order form and submit the following:

  • Pre-surgery MRI DICOM images (CTs/X-rays are acceptable if there are no MRIs)
  • Pre-surgery MRI reports (CTs/X-rays are acceptable if there are no MRIs)
  • Operative Report or Surgical Recommendation
  • A photograph or description of your client
  • Requested delivery date

How You Will Receive Your Surgical Animation

Multus Medical will send you a HIPAA-compliant secure access email with a link to our portal. To set up a login and gain access to all of your cases, please contact us.

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