3D MRI Renderings

Improving Patient Outcomes With AI-Powered 3D MRI Renderings Service

All 3D Renderings include:

  • MP4 Video
  • 3D Rendering High-resolution Still Images With Radiologist Text
  • Radiologist Affirmation Of Accuracy
  • 3D Interactive Viewer

Multus Medical provides patient-specific, true, and accurate 3D MRI Imaging for an objective visualization of the body or injury. These 3D MRI Renderings help physicians get a better understanding and more enhanced diagnosis of medical conditions that aid in the treatment of patients. They also simplify complex medical information, making it easier for attorneys to represent injuries or damages in legal cases.

Our expert team utilizes advanced technology to generate, review, and distribute 3D Renderings within 48 hours of receiving the DICOM images and written radiologist report.

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Lumbar Spine

Our 3D MRI Renderingimaging service captures a comprehensive view of the lower back region, allowing healthcare professionals to thoroughly assess spinal health, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions for treatment and rehabilitation.

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Thoracic Spine

This detailed view is instrumental in assessing spinal health, identifying spinal abnormalities, and developing targeted treatment plans.

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Cervical Spine

This 3D MRI imaging provides healthcare professionals with a comprehensive examination of the cervical vertebrae and their associated structures. It is invaluable for diagnosing neck-related conditions, such as disc herniation or cervical spondylosis, and tailoring treatment plans to address specific patient needs.

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This detailed view offers insights into the shoulder joint, tendons, ligaments, and surrounding tissues. It's a valuable tool for diagnosing issues like rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, or impingement syndrome, enabling effective treatment planning and patient care.

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Healthcare professionals can use this imaging to diagnose knee injuries, such as ACL tears, meniscus damage, or ligament strains, and to determine the most suitable treatment options for their patients.

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Our ankle and foot imaging provides a detailed perspective to help healthcare providers assess issues such as stress fractures, ligament injuries, or plantar fasciitis. 

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We offer an in-depth view of brain structures, including the cortex, white matter, and subcortical regions. It is a critical tool for neurologists and neurosurgeons to diagnose conditions like brain tumors, vascular abnormalities, or neurological disorders.

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We provide a detailed perspective on hand anatomy, allowing healthcare professionals to assess the condition of bones, joints, tendons, and soft tissues. This imaging is instrumental in diagnosing conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, or arthritis for more effective treatment strategies.

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A detailed look at this pivotal joint facilitates the evaluation of elbow-related issues and treatments. It is an invaluable tool for diagnosing conditions such as tennis elbow, fractures, or bursitis, enabling healthcare professionals to provide effective care and recommendations.

Comparison Rendering

A comparison of the patient's prior and current MRI scans to show the exacerbation of injury.

How to Order

Attorneys have the option to reach out to us directly or submit the following:

Additionally, we require a HIPAA release form if the DICOM images are not available.

  • MRI Reports
  • MRI DICOM Images

How You Will Receive 3D MRI Demonstration Rendering

Multus Medical and its affiliated MRI facilities created a HIPAA-compliant closed connection portal to allow for DICOM images to flow to Multus. Once the 3D MRI Rendering is created, we will email the ordering physician or attorney a secure link containing the rendering and/or surgical animation. A portal can be set up for medical and legal professionals who order 3D Renderings or Surgical Animation Videos on a regular basis.

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