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Our medical software company creates patented anatomically accurate, patient-specific 3D MRI Renderings & Surgical Animation videos for medical and legal use.

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Reimagining Medical Visualization With Multus Medical

Multus Medical is a team of legal, medical, and technology professionals with years of experience in the personal injury industry. We use patented technology to create accurate 3D MRI Renderings and Surgical Animation videos used by attorneys, MRI facilities, and medical professionals to help them better understand complex medical conditions and injuries. We have hundreds of participating facilities across the country, and we're still expanding.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Advanced medical software solutions and imaging technologies for more accurate and realistic 3D models of the human anatomy

Interest-Free Deferred Payments

Settle your fee once the case is resolved, ensuring a focus-oriented service tailored to your needs.


Three-day turnaround time for 3D MRI Renderings and 3-week turnaround for Surgical Animation videos

Lower Rates

Get better results for a fraction of the cost of competitors.


3D Renderings


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3D MRI Renderings

Our medical software company transforms traditional 2D MRI scans into three-dimensional representations of the body's anatomical structures. These renderings provide a clearer, more comprehensive, and more spatial visualization to improve diagnosis, treatment, communication, and settlement value of various medical conditions and injuries.

Surgical Animations

Multus Medical’s 3D medical modeling software offers patient-specific Surgical Animations using our patented 3D MRI Rendering software. These animations can be created using the patient's actual MRI data, which provides a more accurate and realistic representation of the surgical procedure to enhance surgical planning, interdisciplinary collaboration, patient education, and legal contexts.

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“Rear-end Epidural injection case with approximately $50k in meds. Initial offer was $60k from MetLife. Sent MRI to Multus to have 3D Renderings completed and was able to negotiate the pain management settlement to full value at $120k. Of course, the 3D rendering enabled me to pinpoint the exact area where my client was having symptomology and I used these renderings throughout negotiation.”

Brian Riley, Esq.

Morgan & Morgan

"Multus Medical creates excellent medical illustrations at very reasonable prices which will definitely help your client's case! They have done a great job in a case we have involving two neck surgeries & injections for post-traumatic headaches."

Jay Vaughn, Esq.

Thomas Neel & Matt Wattel from Multus are amazing people and very easy to work with.  We use Multus for all of our surgical animations.  Their animation is very useful for litigation and trial.  I highly recommend every PI firm to hire Multus, they will bring some detail clarification on the physician surgical perspective.

Eric Heath

Simon Law Group

Great to work with.  We have used them on many of our cases and they are always quick with amazing products.  I have had surgeons tell me how helpful their surgical animations are and how accurate they are.  They also have a quick turnaround with high quality products!!

Meredith Hinton, Esq.

Ricci Law

Multus Medical has done wonders for our clients and increasing the value of our cases! On top of that, they don’t add to the work we have to do on the case. They go get what they need to get the animation done accurately and timely!

Matt Roden

Shelby Roden

I'm not a radiologist, so until we started using Multus, I had no idea what I was looking at when reviewing MRI images. The 3D MRI renderings give us and the client, as well as the adjuster and defense counsel, real eyes on a client's pathology. The surgical animations are great, too, because again, they help us paint a picture of just how invasive some of these surgeries really are. Thomas, Matt, Tyler, and the rest of the entire team at Multus - they are all very responsive, and they have been very adaptive to the needs/challenges that we present to them. Highly recommended!

Ray Riden

McCready Law

“I am amazed at how well the 3D rendering and animation of my client’s injury was brought to life.  Many of us have sat through presentations or in depositions when medical professionals try to explain the nature of a subtle injury to the spine.  Some of us attorneys and I trust many insurance professionals may not have been top in biology and anatomy class.  These 3D animations bring any viewer to the A+ level with one click.   You can literally see the injury with narration detailing the findings.  Very impressive.”

Bryan Schiller, Esq.

Schiller Law

"Bottom line, Multus Medical allows you to show and tell the jury why your client’s injuries are permanent and why your client is still in pain even years after the car accident or fall. What more do you need?"

Brian Crockett, Esq.

Crockett Law

“We have been utilizing medical imaging with three-dimensional reconstruction, and it has been a huge success. There is no better way for an insurance company or jury to appreciate the significance of positive pathology than a three-dimensional image. I would highly recommend utilizing this technology on any case with diagnostic studies.”

Blake P. Swan, Esq.

Schwed Law

“There is a large diagnostic gap in routine MRI scanning of the spine, leaving many patients without appropriate treatments since many medical necessity criteria are image-based.  The 3D rendering enables physicians to explain to their patients why they are in pain plausibly. Personalized surgical spine care can now be devised with the use of Multus technology. It will likely transform how we take care of patients.”

Dr. Kai Lewandrowski

Center for Advanced Spine Care

“The patients at SOAR have had a remarkable response to the Multus 3D MRI Renderings. Understanding their injuries has helped make them comfortable and builds Physician/Patient trust. When delivering a surgical recommendation this has proven to be an objective tool with great response. Additionally, they are instrumental during deposition, mediation or trial to demonstrate the patient's injury and validate the course of treatment. I encourage all Medical Providers to request Multus 3D Renderings when ordering MRI's.”

Dr. Brian Reece

SOAR Institute

“I recently deployed Multus and already have Attorneys signing up with me, specifically for the 3D MRI renderings.”

Nick Golbahar

CEO | Burbank Open MRI & Imaging Center

"Multus has been extremely easy to work with. I am very impressed with the quality of their work. The attention to detail in their animations shows their commitment to accuracy and precision. Highly recommended for anyone looking to increase the value of their cases and their storytelling in front of a jury."

Irving Pedroza

"We have used Multus Medical now on a handful of cases and their exhibits and animation have been terrific and reasonably priced.  They have been very easy to deal with.  It is also helpful for a small firm like mine to be able to pay them after the case resolves rather than up front.  I highly recommend Multus Medical for animations and other exhibits that can best highlight your client's injuries."

Daniel O'Brien, Esq.

I use this company for every trial.  We've had over a dozen 7 and 8 figure verdicts with it!

Robert Simon, Esq.

Simon Law


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