About Multus Medical

Welcome to Multus Medical, a medical software company providing cutting edge, patented 3D demonstration renderings of MRI scans & patient specific surgical animation videos. 

Our software takes 2D DICOM slices and transforms them into anatomically accurate 3D demonstration renderings of the spine, knee, shoulder and brain. Abnormalities are now able to be viewed and easily understood. 

Multus does this by using patented technology to ‘stack’ the highly detailed, thin slice, cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create a 3-Dimensional digital model of the desired anatomy.

Our 3D renderings and surgical animation videos provide a competitive advantage that will increase the value of any personal injury settlement.


3D Cervical Demo

3D Lumbar Demo

3D Thoracic Demo

3D Shoulder Demo

3D Knee Demo

NEW: 3D Brain Demo

Time-Based Comparison

NEW: Interactive Viewer

NEW: Surgical Animation Videos

There are currently hundreds of Multus Medical participating facilities across the country and growing every day.
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Benefits All Parties


For the very first time ever patients are now able to actually see their MRI results giving them a better understanding of knowing what is wrong with them. This gives them added comfort in accepting treatment recommendations and hopeful better outcomes following completion of care.


Patients will be able to clearly see MRI findings, thus what is wrong with them and this will lend its way to more readily accepting treatment recommendations. This can lead to eventual better outcome during and following completion of care.


To be able to demonstrate to an insurance adjuster, mediator, or even jury actual MRI results may cause for quicker settlements of claims and potentially increased settlements. Should the physician order the rendering it becomes part of the medical expense claim and can be reimbursed either by med pay/pip or eventually as part of a third party settlement.


Trusted By Attorneys and
MRI Facilities Nationwide.

Attorneys, Physicians and MRI Facilities around the country trust and recommend Multus Medical as their premier provider for 3D renderings & surgical animation videos to settle their cases faster.


“I am amazed at how well the 3D rendering and animation of my client’s injury was brought to life. Many of us have sat through presentations or in depositions when medical professionals try to explain the nature of a subtle injury to the spine. Some of us attorneys and I trust many insurance professionals may not have been top in biology and anatomy class. These 3D animations bring any viewer to the A+ level with one click. You can literally see the injury with narration detailing the findings. Very impressive.” - Bryan Schiller, Esq. | Schiller Law
Bottom line, Multus Medical allows you to show and tell the jury why your client’s injuries are permanent and why your client is still in pain even years after the car accident or fall. What more do you need? - Brian Crockett, Esq. | Crockett Law
“We have been utilizing medical imaging with three-dimensional reconstruction, and it has been a huge success. There is no better way for an insurance company or jury to appreciate the significance of positive pathology than a three-dimensional image. I would highly recommend utilizing this technology on any case with diagnostic studies.” – Blake P. Swan, Esq. | Schwed Law
“Thanks so much for sending, this technology is absolutely astounding!!! I had been wondering when someone would come up with the ability to reconstruct MRI as has been done for years with CT. This technology goes beyond what I thought was capable. I will obviously pass on the amazing technology available at Pinnacle Upright MRI to all my colleagues and patients. Absolutely amazing!” - Scott Rosa, D.C. B.C.A.O. | Rosa Clinic
“The patients at SOAR have had a remarkable response to the Multus 3D MRI Renderings. Understanding their injuries has helped make them comfortable and builds Physician/Patient trust. When delivering a surgical recommendation this has proven to be an objective tool with great response. Additionally, they are instrumental during deposition, mediation or trial to demonstrate the patient's injury and validate the course of treatment. I encourage all Medical Providers to request Multus 3D Renderings when ordering MRI's.” - Dr. Brian Reece | SOAR Institute
“There is a large diagnostic gap is routine MRI scanning of the spine, leaving many patientswithout appropriate treatments since many medical necessity criteria are image-based. The 3Drendering enables physicians to explain to their patients why they are in pain plausibly.Personalized surgical spine care can now be devised with the use of Multus technology. It willlikely transform how we take care of patients.” - Dr. Kai Lewandrowski | Center for Advanced Spine Care


Crockett Law Jury Trial Returns $1.63M
Verdict for Victim of Slip & Fall

Founding attorney Brian Crockett secured a $1.63M verdict today for a victim of a slip and fall outside of a Jack in the Box. After admitting that they caused the fall itself, Jack in the Box’s defense lawyers argued that our client was not hurt in the fall. They argued that the resulting two surgeries she underwent were due to old age…