CALIFORNIA: Jury Awards $21.2 Million against U-Haul for Head-On Collision

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On August 16, 2016, a head-on collision occurred on Highway 138 in Lancaster, California, involving two vehicles, a U-Haul truck and a sedan. The U-Haul truck, which was being driven by an employee of U-Haul, crossed over the double-yellow lines and collided with the sedan. The driver of the sedan suffered significant injuries, including a fractured shoulder, arm, and leg, and had to undergo surgery on the leg, which resulted in infection and wound debridement. Multus Medical, a medical animation company, was hired to create three animations of the surgeries to present as evidence during the trial.

Case Details:

The injured driver of the sedan filed a lawsuit against U-Haul for negligence, claiming that the company was responsible for the accident due to its employee's careless driving. The plaintiff also claimed that U-Haul had a duty to ensure its vehicles were properly maintained and equipped with safety features to prevent such accidents. Prior to trial, the defense offer was $2M while the plaintiff's demand was $8.15M.

During the trial, Multus Medical's three animations were presented to the jury to illustrate the surgeries the plaintiff had undergone and the extent of the injuries sustained. The animations showed the plaintiff's fractured shoulder, arm, and leg, as well as the surgery on the leg that resulted in infection and wound debridement. The animations were used to help the jury understand the severity of the injuries and the impact they had on the plaintiff's life. During the trial, the defense increased their offer to $2.5M, and the plaintiff reduced their demand to $6.95M.

The jury found U-Haul negligent and awarded the plaintiff $21.2 million in damages. The award included compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and future medical care.

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