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ARIZONA: Increased Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim Using Multus Medical

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A 62-year-old man was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in severe shoulder and knee injuries requiring multiple surgeries. The defendant made a left-hand turn from a private drive to head westbound. Plaintiff was traveling on his motorcycle headed eastbound. The defendant pulled out in a school zone and collided with the Plaintiff's motorcycle. The collision knocked the Plaintiff off of his motorcycle and onto the ground. The Plaintiff's first memory after the crash was of lying in the street in pain.

The defendant's insurance company initially offered $409,000 in compensation for the Plaintiff's damages, but the Plaintiff and his Attorney felt that the offer


The Plaintiff's Attorney decided to use Multus Medical's animations to help illustrate the extent of his injuries and the required surgeries. The animations showed detailed, 3D representations of the man's MRI, as well as his shoulder and knee surgeries.


The insurance company saw the animations during mediation and gained a better understanding of the extent of the man's injuries. They knew his attorney was ready for trial. The insurance company ultimately agreed to a settlement of $775,000, an increase of nearly 90% from their prior offer.


Multus Medical's animations helped communicate the full extent of the man's injuries and the severity of his surgeries, resulting in a significantly increased settlement offer from the insurance company. The animations were a powerful tool for visualizing complex medical procedures and helped the man receive the compensation he deserved for his injuries.Multus Medical creates patient-specific 3D MRI renderings through their patented software that stacks all the DICOM images, creating a true & accurate depiction of the patient's MRI scan, which can be viewed through an interactive viewer. Additionally, Multus offers surgical animation videos with the 3D rendering superimposed within the animations, causing the animations to be anatomically accurate to each client.

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