What We

Welcome to Multus Medical, a medical software company providing cutting edge, patented 3D demonstration renderings of MRI scans & patient specific surgical animation videos.

Our software takes 2D DICOM slices and transforms them into anatomically accurate 3D demonstration renderings of the spine, knee, shoulder and brain. Abnormalities are now able to be viewed and easily understood.

Multus does this by using patented technology to ‘stack’ the highly detailed, thin slice, cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create a 3-Dimensional digital model of the desired anatomy.

Our 3D renderings and surgical animation videos provide a competitive advantage that will increase the value of any personal injury settlement.

Using patented technology, we utilize the highly detailed cross-sectional images from the MRI data to create three-dimensional digital models of the desired anatomy. The result? An easily digestible animated illustration of the patient’s injury for demonstration purposes.

The cross-sectional images from the scan data are organized, reviewed, and structures of interest are segmented to construct three-dimensional surface models of the anatomy. After we process the MRI images, you are left with a clean package full of photos, videos, an interactive viewer and additional documentation that clearly demonstrate positive MRI Results.


The Multus Medical team is comprised of Legal, Medical and Technology professionals, combining years of experience to bring revolutionary products to the personal injury industry.