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Multus Medical continues to innovate and develop the most state of the art, patient specific, MRI and surgical visuals available today. With the 3D Viewer, you can now rotate on a 1080-degree axis, manipulate, zoom and even remove parts of the anatomy to gain the most comprehensive view of the key findings of the patient’s MRI results. Every Multus Medical order includes still images of the key findings, a 3D video of the MRI results and the 3D interactive MRI viewer.

When clients understand what is wrong with them, they can make intelligent medical decisions about their care. Making this a standard of care helps avoid additional scrutiny that can occur when the insurance companies only see it on select cases. Also, a huge benefit is to be able to say this was not created on behalf of a lawyer for the case but rather it was ordered by a physician to be able to educate their patient, adding tremendous credibility to the tool. Get with your providers and request they add “3D rendering, if positive findings” to their MRI orders moving forward.

In a nutshell, Multus created a way to get 3D imaging of your clients’ spine, knees, shoulders & brains, if ordered through a prescription from the treating doctor. This is a medical coded cost that will be part of the lien. It will be an actual 3D image of your clients’ body, will be admissible, and not need to have a medical illustration down the line.

You can further win your cases with the following protocols. When you get a new case in the door, and get your clients into a provider, or a new provider, to see how their injury has progressed, you want the provider to order an MRI with “3D Rendering, if positive.” You will also be saving on needing to retain radiologists. Big savings for the client. Big way to win on causation with the treaters.

Work up your cases to better document injuries, save costs for the clients, and better insulate yourself. Start assembling your list of open cases that could benefit from a 3D rendering or surgical animation and get with us to process. We highly recommend that these are done on all past cases and prospectively on all cases moving forward.

Our surgical animations are truly one of a kind. They superimpose the clients MRI into their surgical procedure and are customized to the client, including skin tone, hair color etc. We also have the ability to show the exact instrumentation and hardware used.


  • Provider orders MRI with “3D Rendering, if positive findings”, which is medically necessary to educate the patient and evaluate/advance treatment plan
  • MRI facility scans patient
  • 3D Rendering is generated and sent to Physician & Attorney within 48 hours
  • Physician uses for patient education
  • MRI Facility bills for MRI & 3D Rendering


  • Only true & objective visual tool for MRI
  • Promotes settling cases timely & for full value
  • Trial tested
  • Held on lien or letter of protection
  • Can be used in all phases of the case


  • Find a local Multus Affiliated MRI facility
  • Refer an MRI facility to Multus
  • Order a 3D rendering or Surgical Animation for your client

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