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How to Order 3D MRI Demonstration Renderings

The Multus Affiliated MRI Facility supplies Medical Providers with a script form/pad to be utilized for ordering MRI scans, and other radiological studies on behalf of personal injury patients. Contained on that form is an area that allows for the ordering Physician to request 3D demonstration rendering(s) on scans with positive findings.

Available Services:

    • Lumbar
    • Thoracic
    • Cervical

Multus medical 3d rendering stamps are also available upon request, click here to obtain one.



If you would like to have a 3D rendering or comparison prepared on behalf of a client please contact our office to discuss how to do so.

How to Receive 3D MRI Demonstration Renderings

The Multus Affiliated MRI Facilitiesand Multus Medical have created a HIPAA compliant closed connection portal to allow for DICOM images to flow to Multus. After Multus creates the 3D demonstration rendering, a secure link containing the rendering and high-resolution images of the positive findings will be sent to the ordering physician, by way of email. The same link will be provided to the attorney. Portal can be setup for physicians and Attorneys that order 3d rendering demonstration on a regular basis.
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