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Multus Medical works with MRI Facilities to provide patient specific, true, and accurate demonstrative 3D MRI Renderings as a service to their Referring Physicians, Patients, and their Attorneys. Through artificial intelligence and a dedicated staff, the 3D Renderings are generated, reviewed, and distributed within 48 hours of receiving the DICOM images and written Radiologist report. This groundbreaking technology offers objective visualization of the injury, providing your patients with a true understanding of their injury and the need for care.


Doctor orders MRI with 3D renderings if positive findings

Reading Radiologist identifies injury in MRI (+findings)

Multus AI Software generates 3D rendering

Quality Control #1

Quality Control #2

Radiologist approves 3D & signs affirmation of accuracy

3D rendering delivered from HIPAA compliant Multus portal


  • When ordering an MRI for a personal injury patient, simply order the scan to include “3D rendering, if positive findings”, through a Multus affiliated MRI facility
  • The MRI facility scans the patient
  • Radiologist reviews findings
  • MRI facility pushes positive findings cases to Multus Medical through secure VPN connection from their PACS to the Multus Portal
  • 3D Rendering is generated and sent to you within 48 hrs so you can review the findings with your patient on their next visit


  • Receive easy to use custom 3D video and interactive viewer
  • True & accurate depiction of the patients MRI scan
  • Promotes appropriate treatment plan
  • Assists in full & prompt settlement of claims


  • Find a local Multus Affiliated MRI facility
  • Refer an MRI facility to Multus
  • Order a 3D rendering for your patient